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Corporate Partnerships: On Purpose - Craft a Mission-aligned Corporate Partnerships Intention

Course Overview

The best kind of corporate partner is a genuine partner and not just a donor.  A corporate that is committed to working with you to help solve societal problems and aligned to your mission.  A corporate that mobilises all its resources to make it happen, whether that be expertise, product, tech, marketing, mass market awareness & reach, networks, capacity building…. as well as cash.

How do you find these kinds of partners?  By first knowing why you want corporate partners, and what kind of corporate partners. You wouldn’t embark on a holiday without knowing your destination and grasping a map, but too many non-profits initiate a corporate partnerships strategy without having this same clarity.  

As Zig Ziglar once said: “if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else”

Join in this interactive workshop to craft a Corporate Partnerships Intention, so that you have a clear pathway forward for your non-profit, allowing you to focus resources and actions towards the achievement of that Intention.  Doing this exercise also ensures that non-profits focus their energies on approaching corporates that are mission-aligned, rather than those that are not, or just viewing corporates as just another cash donor.

What you’ll learn

  • Know how to craft a Corporate Partnerships Intention 
  • Have your organisations’ Vision, Mission, priority strategies, gaps, the problem you solve and corporate enablers, assembled on a one-page document
  • Own a first Draft of a Corporate Partnerships Intention for your non-profit organisation 
  • Possess a document that will provoke deep thinking and conversation within your organisations’ leadership
  • Take away an easy-to-use Template and 18-page Guide for use now and in the future

What the session won’t cover

  • How to write a strategic plan for the organisation
  • How to identify, approach or secure corporate partnerships
  • How to fulfil the intention
  • How to quantify the dollar figures in the Intention as realistic & achievable (we have another process for this)

Who should attend

This 90-minute workshop is for anyone working within a non-profit organisation or social enterprise in Australia or NZ that has a desire to secure genuine, Mission-aligned corporate partnerships.  This could be a CEO, Manager of Fundraising, Marketing, Business Development or Corporate Partnerships. 

It's for people who are willing to do necessary homework prior to the course and are open and willing to think differently.  It's for those professionals working for an organisation that has a clear and ratified Vision, Mission and Problem statements, and is clear on its priority strategies to achieve the Mission & Vision.


Participants will be required to do some homework – 1-2 hours - and bring it to the session. They will then be guided through the Intention process in the workshop to bring theory to life.

An instruction document will be provided along with the Template for participants to gather the necessary information (homework) required.  

A follow-up 18-page guide and additional Template will be provided after the workshop.


Online via Zoom (participant interaction essential).

90 minutes.

This session won't be recorded.

Meet the presenters

Click here to read Hailey Cavill-Jaspers bio.

Click here to read Georgia McIntoshs bio.

Guidelines for enrolment

  1. Make sure you have a login for the FIA Learning Hub. Click "Sign In" or "Forgot Password" if needed.
  2. You can enrol a staff member if they already have a login.  
  3. If you require assistance, please email


Full participation in Corporate Partnerships: On Purpose - Craft a Mission-aligned Intention is eligible for up to TBA continuing education points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

FIA Code

This course relates to the following aspects of the FIA Code of Conduct:

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Non member $80.00

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Corporate Partnerships: On purpose

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