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Donor Journey Mapping

Course Overview

This course focuses on how fundraisers can develop donor journeys for their organisations. Bringing together the principles of customer journeys, you will cover the theory of customer/donor journeys and how they can be used to drive great fundraising outcomes. You will create your own personal and custom journey for your donors and participate in the hands-on construction of a donor journey, working in groups to create an assumptive donor journey map in class.

The course is designed to provide insights and value to beginners and more seasoned practitioners, starting with the basics of what customer journeys are and why we use them and then progressing rapidly to hands-on workshops where participants apply the knowledge immediately against scenarios. We regularly get more experienced marketers and even UX professionals on the course, and the feedback has been really positive from these people – whilst not all the material is new, there are generally a number of key insights they get through the course, and it helps validate their current knowledge and round out what is often on-the-job experience. The feedback on the course is very positive, no matter the starting skill level, indicating that it seems to provide value across the board. Where participants have already existing journeys, we often discuss those and provide insights on how those can be improved and evolved to the next level. 

What you’ll learn

  • Why donor journeys have become so important
  • Why you need to develop them for your donors
  • How to run a customer journey for your donors
  • Techniques for understanding your donors and creating the journeys
  • How journeys can be used to determine marketing, digital and fundraising strategy

Who is this course for?

  • Fundraising and marketing managers
  • Fundraising event organisers
  • Gifts in Wills donor managers
  • Fundraisers responsible for donor engagement, retention and acquisition


2 x half-days via Zoom

Meet the facilitator

Click here to read Mike Zeederberg's bio.

Guidelines for enrollment

  1. Make sure you have a login for the FIA Learning Hub. Click "Sign In" or "Forgot Password" if needed.
  2. You can enrol a staff member if they already have a login.  
  3. If you require assistance, please email


Full participation in Donor Journey Mapping is applicable for up to 7 continuing education points in Category 1. B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

FIA Code
This course relates to the following aspects of the FIA Code of Conduct:

  • FIA Code 4 Conduct towards Donors by considering scenarios where this conduct may be challenged and discuss how to navigate any challenges in ethical and appropriate ways.

FIA member $520.00
Non member $675.00

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Donor Journey Mapping

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